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    Founded in 2003 in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, OptoTrace Technologies, Inc. (OptoTrace®) is a high-tech company focusing on scientific research, manufacturing, application development, sales and service.


    OptoTrace® has attracted talented individuals and industrial veterans to join the company. Their combined experience and expertise in scientific research, application development, system engineering, business development, and global sales and marketing allow OptoTrace® to apply its most advanced technologies in several growing markets. Since its founding date, OptoTrace® has developed a number of products based on its leading technologies in SERS. Its RamTracer® product line is developed for on-site, high throughput trace chemical detection and has found numerous applications ranging from food safety, forensic and security, public health, to environmental monitoring.


    One of OptoTrace’s many advanced technologies is the NanoDog®. Combined with OptoTrace’s laser Raman system and nano technology, OptoTrace’s SERS system delivers unmatched performance in sensitivity, speed, and consistency for trace chemical detection applications. OptoTrace’s on-site trace chemical detection system has been successfully demonstrated to the dairy industry for melamine inspection. Its sensitivity for melamine in fresh milk can reach 2mg/Kg and the total inspection time, including sample preparation, is less than 3 minutes. Another successful application is high throughput on-site detection of malachite green in aquatic products. The sensitivity can reach 1µg/Kg. This technology has received excellent feedback from the industry around the country. OptoTrace® is collaborating with a number of partners to promote this technology as a high throughput, on-site inspection solution for food safety and other potential industries.


    Our goal is to apply the fruits of our pioneering development work to solve problems we encounter in everyday lives; to better our living conditions; and to improve our quality of life.





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