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On-site and High Throughput Detection for Chemicals Dissolved in Water
Posted on :2009/11/3


    Due to the fact that there are no cost effective ways to inspect liquid bottles for dangerous chemicals, for example, flammable or explosive liquids, at airport, seaport, and other public security ports, we are often required to either finish up the entire bottle of water or dump the water all together when passing through security checks at these ports. This creates a great inconvenience for every passenger. OptoTrace’s portable RamTracer®-200-PH hand-held laser Raman system offers a solution for the problem.

    The RamTracer®-200-PH Raman system can send a laser beam through any transparent containers to inspect the liquid inside the container without need of opening the bottle cap. The scattered light is collected and sent back to the system for analyzing. Within as short as just seconds, the results will tell if the liquid inside the container is suspicious chemical substances, such as explosives or flammable materials.

    The system includes a microcomputer and a rechargeable battery, once fully charged, the battery can last 4 hours. This system is suitable for applications at airports, sea ports, and other similar places to quickly check through drinking bottles carried by passengers.

    Another application of this system is to inspect powders packaged inside transparent plastic bags to determine if the material contains illicit drugs or explosives materials.



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