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OptoTrace selected as the member of SAC/ TC4812014-03-27
Nano –enhanced Raman System Assists Mobile Laboratory, Applied to Sh…2013-09-07
OptoTrace Raman System Assists Food Safety Testing Vehicles of FDA2013-07-15
OptoTrace successfully participated in the 2nd China Food and Agricul…2013-06-08
Optotrace successfully participated in the 6th China Beijing Internat…2013-04-07
OptoTrace exhibited food safety rapid detection system in the main ve…2012-09-19
OptoTrace was invited to participate in the Twenty Years Achievement …2012-07-10
Suzhou bioBAY innovative enterprise OptoTrace provides food safety on…2012-06-30
OptoTrace as the innovative enterprise in Jiangsu Province attends Be…2012-05-29
OptoTrace participated in the 15th "China Beijing International High-…2012-05-29
OptoTrace Portable Raman Detection System passed the National Achieve…2012-05-29
OptoTrace successfully participated in 2012 The 5th International Foo…2012-03-31
OptoTrace “high-sensitive portable laboratory” protects to build de…2012-02-24
China established prompt melamine inspection evaluation mechanism2010-12-14
OptoTrace successfully participated 2010 Chinano Exhibition in Suzhou2010-11-24
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