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Nano –enhanced Raman System Assists Mobile Laboratory, Applied to Shenyang National Games Village
Published: Posted on :2013/9/7


    On August 28, Mobile Laboratory entered into National Games Village in Shenyang city, providing food safety inspection services for the 12th National Game in Shenyang.


    Mobile Laboratory was developed by Shenyang Product Quality Supervision And Inspection Institute, as a high level on-site inspection system for rapidly food and safety detection in China, specifically for detecting food illegal additives, pesticide residues, veterinary drug residues, organic pollutants and many other substances with on-site inspection report. It fills mobile lab technology gaps, reached the leading position in China, and meet the needs of the community food safety detection in China.


   In the instrument aspects, comprehensive self-propelled spectral instrument based mobile laboratory is dominated by Nano-enhanced Raman System (NERS), but also with other food safety rapid detection system and other devices with simple and fast processing, especially in detection of food illegal additives and hazardous materials.


OptoTrace Raman detection system used in the mobile laboratory


        Original Link:http://tech.xinmin.cn/2013/09/06/21806209.html

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