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Optotrace successfully participated in the 6th China Beijing International Food Safety Forum
Published: Posted on :2013/4/7


    Optotrace was invited to participate in the 6th China Beijing International Food Safety Forum at the National Conference Center from April 1 - 2 2013. During the period, the forum aimed to further guide the broad participations of all sectors of the society to the food safety work with the national food safety publicity and education training, to build a bridge between technologies learning and sharing for the majority food science and technology workers.


     In the event, Optotrace exhibited the latest food safety detection system and its detection applicataions. Audiences were very interested in the company’s products, technologies and applications.


     Compny general manager, Liu Chunwei, at the meeting made the presentation to introduce the application of nano-enhanced Raman technology in food safety detection, including rapid detection of non-edible chemical substance, abused food additives, illegal additives of health products, and pesticides and veterinary hormones residues. The attendants were very interested and active interaction after the presentation.


General Manager, Liu Chunwei, made the presentation.


    OptoTrace applies the nano-enhanced Raman spectroscopic technology principle in  food safety rapid detection, attracts the industrial leaders and experts’ attention, and has been wildly recognized and adopted by the customers. Our goal is to apply the achievements of our pioneering development to people’s daily life, to improve our living conditions.




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