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OptoTrace Raman System Assists Food Safety Testing Vehicles of FDA
Published: Posted on :2013/7/15


    The first rapid testing vehicle in Jieyang city, Guangdong province, referred as the “mobile lab” is equipped with Raman detection system, residues of veterinary drugs analyzer, biological fluorescence detector, meat analyzer, high-speed centrifuge and other advanced imported equipments. It can rapidly detect vegetables, fruits, rice, meat, aquatic products, edible oil and other 42 classific groups. The test items mainly include formaldehyde, nitrite, clenbuterol and other harmful substances, residues of pesticide and veterinary drugs, microorganisms and other 82 categories.


   Officials of Jieyang city Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said, the application of test vehicle can further support rapid detection, emergency detection and testing need in remote areas, and it will build a firewall for the food service and food safety supervision, promoting the regulators control, especially for the food safety rapid detection of major events.

OptoTrace Raman Detection System deployed in the food safety rapid testing vehicle of Jieyang city FDA
    Food safety rapid testing vehicle of Wuhan city FDA in Hubei province, equipped with Raman rapid detection system, ultrasonic extraction device, high-speed centrifuges and other instruments, as well as a dozen of rapid detection kits, named the “mobile lab”. The special equipment can detect residues of pesticide and veterinary drugs, abuse of food additives and non-edible substances more than 50 species. The former test box can only detect less than ten items.
OptoTrace Raman Detection System used on the food safety rapid testing vehicle of Wuhan city FDA



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