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OptoTrace selected as the member of SAC/ TC481
Published: Posted on :2014/3/27


      In March 2014, OptoTrace is successful in being selected for the member of SAC/TCA481.


   National Technical Committee 481 on Instrumental Analysis and characterization of Standardization Administration of China, or SAC/TCA481 for short is maintained and operated as the non-profit technology organization by China Association for Instrumental Analysis (CAIA). It is responsible of application and filing, approval, numbering and publishing of CAIA Standards which corresponding National Standards are not available for product specification data, performance testing and application methods in various fields.


    OptoTrace has been being in its managing principle of integrity, responsibility, teamwork, and passion. Based on the nano technology and laser Raman spectroscopy technique, the company has innovated and developed product lines with independent intellectual property and international leading position in on-site trace chemicals screening fields, such as laser Raman spectroscopy system (RamTracer®), nano-technology module (NanoDog®), application specific databases, automatic identification software and user-friendly human-machine interface. Being the member of SAC/TCA481 symbolizes that the products and technologies of OptoTrace have been recognized and supported widely by the industry.


    As the member of SAC/TCA481, we wil continue contributing on applications and promotion of analytical instruments with strict and practical attitude according to the constitution of the committee.  



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